Roofing a block garage

Hi everyone, today Kilcoole Sheds were working on a block garage roof. We supplied and fitted a welded galvanized truths and per longs. We also welded the galvanized box iron between the truths to strengthen the roof. The roof is made of non drip sheeting, supplied with gutters and pipes. A roller door was also fitted at the front of the garage.

The customer preferred to trust Kilcoole Sheds for his roof because our method is much faster than a carpenter plus someone doing the gutter. With Kilcoole Sheds, the whole job only took a few days on site, allowing our customer to use his new garage earlier than expected.

Kilcoole Sheds also carried out site welding to strength the whole roof structure by welding box iron all the way around the hall plate from inside the truths and then roll bolt to the wall plate blocks all the way around. 

The gutter used by Kilcoole Sheds for this project were self hanging cutter which is screw to the roof per long, then the sheet are left on top of the cutter allowing the screw to go from the roof sheeting, through the cutter, and then into the per long, making the gutter extremely strong against falling snow and high wind. 

The cutters used by Kilcoole Sheds on this project can take a huge volume of water, snow and can withstand heavy weigh, making it the perfect choice if it snow a lot in your area. 

This garage that Kilcoole Sheds just worked on is approximately 7.5 meters x 15.3 meters. The client is using it as a garage and storage for parking a car and all his garden accessories. 

The client divided his garage with two rooms and a bathroom, and this still lives him with considerable floor space for his garage and working area.

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