Insulating a shed yourself

Hi everyone, some of our customers might want to insulate their sheds themselves. This is an easy task when you purchase a shed of Kilcoole Sheds. And i will be describing the process below.

To insulate our sheds, first you will need to purchase at your local hardware some 8×4 sheets of insulation, and 8×4 sheets of plywood. To hold these together, you will need steel screws.

The way Kilcoole Sheds design its structure make it very easy to place the insulated sheet in between the box iron frames. Simply cut the insulated sheet to fit between the box iron. You only have to screw in the plywood on the top of the insulation to create a sandwich effect.

This will make your shed warmer and with a nice timber finish on the inside, and will aloud you to fit and hang your belongings. 

We recently had a customer converting his new shed roof area into a loft. To do this, he carried this out by drilling holes in the main box iron structure and bolted a timber to the shed structure, following by running timber on the opposite direction to meet another another timber bolted to another timber at the back of the shed. He created a loft area on the last bay of the shed.

Under the loft in the shed, the last bay is going to be completely timber out, and used as an office or a gym (to be decided yet). By having this timber space in the back of the shed, it creates a complete different room attached to the main working area. Kind of a tow in one shed. 

As you can see, with Kilcoole Sheds, you can use your imagination, and we will build it!

Because we are using welded galvanized box iron, you can bolt or weld heavy bench, or shelving, ect. 

This is why if you are in the market to buy a shed, always look at the structure or skeleton of the shed, and go for the strongest quality shed to withstand our Irish weather.

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