Kilcoole Sheds VS Concrete Block Garages

Hi everyone, I know for people on the market for a garage near their house might be thinking what is the difference between a concrete block garage or a steel shed.

Either solution are very good and would make you happy, but here are the advantages of buying a steel shed.

If you are getting a builder to build a block garage, first you will need a concrete foundation, after this the footings and concrete floors. You will need to build your walls up to wall plate height and gables. You will the then need a roofer to timber out the roof,  then a lat and felt and then again slates and tiles. You will also need the gutter face and soffit. You will have to get a contractor for the windows and doors, and finally a plaster for the finishing and maybe a painter to finish it off. 

All this is very time and cost consuming compare to Kilcoole Sheds way of doing, and i will let you know below how we are proceeding from you signing the contract to us starting the work that you are not seeing in the yard, until your shed get delivered in at your premises.

 After we agree on the sizing, color, layout, of you new shed, you will receive via post a contract, this will have to be returned signed with 40% deposit, and once this received, we will then start fabricating your new shed in our workshop here at Kilcoole Shed Carlow. 

At the workshop, fabrication start by using galvanized box iron cut to length in the bend-saw, the cut to length box iron are brought to the drilling machine where we will drill the emplacement for the bolt so the frames can be assemble together easily. Next step is at the welding bay where these box iron are welded into frames at your required dimension. From here we will have complete the different sides panel required, gables and center thrushes and roof perlongs. 

All of these panels are then loaded on our trailer withing a special A frame ready to be delivered nationwide to you premises.

Welded galvanized box iron framework

On the day of our delivery, our team will unload the galvanized frames and start bolting together with side panels against gable end, working from the back of the shed to the front of the shed. The back gable and 2 side panel are first up, and our team will be working their way up forward putting center thrushes and roof per longs to steady the first bay, then side panels on each side of the building and again another thrushes and repeating this depending on the length of your shed until arriving the the front gable end with the doors. Once the is completed, our team will square up the shed and tight up all the bolts with an impact gun. Your shed will be anchoring your shed to the concrete base with bolts. The side sheeting can now start first, and our team will be sheeting the back gable and finish with the front gable. For nice visual finishing, we cap all the screws. Roof sheeting can now start, again from the back to the front, with clear sheeting if required to add lightning inside the shed. When the roof is done we cut the two gable ends and we can start the flashing and capping to ensure that your shed is watertight. 

Completed shed

Most garages, like a 6m x 9m x 3m to the eve for example, from arrival on your property to fully completion would take about 3 to 4 days of assembly (depending on weather conditions). So you can see that it is very labor cost effective to use our way of building compare to concrete block that takes a lot longer to complete. 

Also, i wanted to point out that we are sheeting on-site is because our sheds are made from a heavy duty welded galvanized box iron frameworks and it would be too heavy to lift the panels were sheeted before arrival on your property.

Using our method of building sheds is much cleaner and lighter on site machinery than a concrete build. We only require one van and it’s trailer. This is also perfect if you have a narrow access entrance to your property.

3 Garages

Feel free to contact us for more information and request a quote. 

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