Our sheds structure

Hi everyone, did you know that all our sheds are fully welded galvanized box iron frame work, and all our frames and roof per longs are all bolted together. So if in the event you have to move house, our sheds can be unbolted and move to a new location!


If you are leasing out a business property, and your lease runs up or the landlord increase your lease and you prefer to relocate, our sheds can be unbolted and moved very easily.

Or if someone want to expend, our sheds are very easy to extend because again, our panels are all bolt together.

Because our galvanized box iron framework is fully welded, it makes the all structure very strong. 

Our fully welded galvanized box iron framework structure is far superior than most of our competitors using folded steel frame held together by tech screw or pop rivets. These two methods are completely different, and cannot be compared as equal sheds quality and strength. 

The box iron welded structure is also ideal for anyone who wish to insulate their sheds because the insulate sheets can fit right in between the galvanized framework.

If you are in the market for purchasing a shed today, make you are pricing like for like. Our sheds cannot be compared to a folded steel framework held together with tech screw or pop rivets shed. 

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