Storage Shed and Dog Pen

Hi everyone, here is the perfect example of use of a shed like this.


It can be use for anyone who is looking for extra storage and the lean too could be use for timber or storing turf. 

This is ideal for air the air to dry turf or timber while staying dry via the canopy.

It can also be used as parking space for your car, van or motorbike, away from the rain with quick and easy access.

We can also think of an ideal place for all your chemical work that require ventilation but yet safe from the rain (varnishing, creosoting, timber treatment, or painting).

Some might even find the use of the canopy ideal to dry your laundry or hang out your outdoor closing!

Home for animals:

Like the dog pen, you can use this space for other animals like horses stables if it was timbered out, or chickens, ducks, geese, and even pigeons !

Main Shed:

The shed itself can be used for a garage for parking your car, van, motorbike, trailers.

It can be used for household equipment like wash-machine, tumble-dryer, laundry-room, ect.

Some might use it for their gardening equipment, lawnmower, chainsaw, edge-trimmer,  shovels, spade, clippers, ect.

Other application can be your own household workshop. You could have a bench with all your tools on shelving, as well as your household accessories.

Something that people don’t always think of, you can apply insulation between box iron and the sheeting, and then cover with plywood (2.5 x 1.2) to keep you shed insulated.

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