Type of sheds

These are questions we are getting a lot:

  • What size are your sheds?
  • Are your sheds only for workshop / farm sheds / etc ?

The answer is simple:

We custom build to your specification! 

The only note to take is that for logistic reason, the eve cannot be higher than 3.6 meters and no more than 8 meters wide. The length can be as long as you wish. So really you can let go your imagination when it come to designing your own steel shed.

18157120_198191737356451_2832153797489696703_nHe have customers looking to create a workshop, some just want a garage for their cars or mobile home, even with car lift for mechanics, you can have a dog kennel attached to it or a place for your firewood, and we build farm sheds for machinery or just anything you wish to keep safe.


Then you can choose to add doors and windows. Will it be a double sliding door, a roller door, a side entrance, some windows or clear lights on the roof, again, you decide, and we will make it happen.

The only thing left to chose when you have you design, will be the color of you new shed!

Feel free to contact us , and we will happily help you realizing the perfect shed for your need and budget.


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